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Website Design | Wells Family Dentistry | Morehead City

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

We've rebuilt a website for one of our longest clients - Wells Family Dentistry in Morehead City.

The Design Process

When we met with Dr. Wells and Dr. McSherry at Wells Family Dentistry in Morehead City, we wanted to help them rebuild (which we had originally built it 2010) their website to become more interactive through video explanations of their services. Through these videos we can help inform new and existing clients about the process of different services that are available at Wells Family Dentistry in Morehead City.

We created multiple marketing videos to be used on Social Media, Google and more.

Telling Their Story

Through videos on their new website and through their customized marketing plan, we are able to show new patients the welcoming personality at Dr. Wells Family Dentistry in Morehead City NC.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is making significant strides in 2018, and is projected to dominate the industry. The videos that showcase their services are able to engage more potential clients through their website, social media and google marketing.

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