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Website Design | Hole in the Wall | Morehead City NC

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Hole in the Wall needed an updated website, that was easy for potential clients to find information and be able to book/pay online.

The Design Process

When we met with Pat, the owner of Hole in the Wall Dog Training, her website was almost 8 years old and not only outdated, but had incorrect information. Her website needed a complete rebuild to allow new and returning clients to be able to sign up for her dog training classes. Pat has a variety of classes (including summer camps) that she needed organized in a way that new clients would be able to easily access.

We also helped set up and Instagram for Hole in the Wall Dog Training, so Pat could showcase pictures of classes and her graduates!

Telling Their Story

We need to showcase what makes Hole in the Wall Dog Training unique, while organizing their website to be user friendly. With the abundance of classes offered and additional information that is crucial for pet owners success, we designed their website to flow with their popular classes and highlight important information to lead potential clients in the right direction. This new website design also included online sign-ups as well as online payments for specific classes.

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