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Website Design | All Ways Moving | Jacksonville NC

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

We helped this new company create a visually appealing, mobile-friendly and easy to navigate website for their moving business in Jacksonville NC.

Website Design All Ways Moving | Jacksonville NC
Website Design All Ways Moving | Jacksonville NC

The Design Process

When we met with Amber and Jonathan Cooke, they were just starting their Moving Company in Jacksonville NC. They wanted a website design that would show that they are a local moving company in Jacksonville NC, that actually puts your needs as a customer first. Not only do they pack you up and move you locally or long distance, but they also take the time to put your furniture together and place is where you'd like. Their professional team works together to make your move personal and hassle-free.

We produced videos of them moving large and delicate items to showcase their moving methods.

Telling Their Story

Their new website design features a video that walks you through an antiques journey of moving to it's new home. This gives the customers a personal view how All Ways Moving handles your prized possessions, no matter if you're moving locally in Jacksonville NC or nationally. Their website design is mobile friendly, and has been optimized properly for the right SEO so that when people are searching for moving companies in particular areas, they can show up organically or through their google marketing.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is making significant strides in 2018, and is projected to dominate the industry. All Ways Moving videos are used for Google Marketing and can be seen as YouTube Ads, Search Results and other Websites and Apps, and more!

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