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Website Design | SNL Church

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

We've launched another interactive and modern website for SNL Church located in Newport and Atlantic Beach NC!

Website Design SNL Church | Newport | Atlantic Beach
Website Design | SNL Church | Newport | Atlantic Beach

The Design Process

When we first met with the leaders at SNL Church in Newport and Atlantic Beach, they were looking for a way to engage new members, but still make it seamless for current members to find the information they were looking for. They also wanted to highlight their live broadcasts so that everyone would be able to tune in to their sermons from their desktop or smart-tv's on Sunday Mornings.

Website Design | Newport | Atlantic Beach | SNL Church
Website Design SNL Church

We took all of their needs and transformed their information into a stunning, modern and interactive new website.

Website Design | Atlantic Beach | Newport
Previous Website Design

Website Design | Atlantic Beach | Newport
Current Website Design

Telling Their Story

We want to help tell their story through the look and feel of their new website design. Through photos and videos we are able to showcase what makes SNL Church unique and bring their real life personality - digital.

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